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Sunday, February 27, 2005

Why a blog???

Well, I've been playing around in my own mind the idea of having some sort of a blog (for my parents - a blog is basically a place where I can write what it on my mind on a fairly regular basis). Being a Sunday night in rainy Brussels, sheer boredom had me surfing the web as I do so often it seems and avoiding packing for my trip to the US and finishing up laundry and cleaning. So here is first blog :-) Those of you who know me well and have received some of my famous "Kimberly Update" e-mails you know that I can ramble on and on for hours on end - yippee :-)

I am still feeling uncertain about my decision to stay in Europe - its a scary thought! Okay, so its only for 6 more months, but what if I really like the new job (which it sounds so far like I will) - will I be able to leave after 6 months?? Or will I once again fall into the routine of signing up for just another 6 months and then another and then...... Time will tell in the end I guess what will happen. Whatever it is, it should be the best for me and the best for my career. The career is important, but my family / home / social life should be just as important! Why be happy with the job but miserable outside of it?

Okay, this is all for now - I will close and post my first blog on my site....Stay tuned for more to come!



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