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Sunday, February 27, 2005

A bad omen...

Do you ever get that feeling that its just not going to be your week? Here it is, Sunday night, I am surfing the net, cleaning the apartment and doing some laundry. Put in my first two loads, check. Took them out and put in the next loads, again check. Just went back downstairs to put in the two loads of my work clothes and I see flashing lights on a machine....not a good sign. Look closer, its still filled with water. Managed to take everything out, getting myself and the floor nice and wet. Load it all into the second washer. Go to grab my first load out of the dryer, and notice another flashing light - resevoir filled - okay, I take it out, empty and and while walking back to the dryer manage to slip in the puddle of water I got on the floor earlier...not exactly a bright promise for the upcoming week! I'll think positive.....Friday starts two weeks of vacation....I can make it until then......maybe


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