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Monday, February 28, 2005

Found out my job title

I got an e-mail this morning from my new group announcing that I will be joining as "Finance Coordinator European Program Office" - pretty nifty eh? Now my main question is - How in the world am I going to fit it on a business card? Okay, its really nice to have a long, important sounding title - looks good on the CV right? But a business card is only so big! I had my last cards made up with my being in "European Finance" as a "Senior Financial Analyst" - I thought that would be generic enough to last me at least 2 a year later its time to buy new cards....does my fancy new title also come with a raise in salary I ask? Probably not, but one could always hope that it did! Keep the fingers crossed - I really want to go to Egypt and a raise would finance that one nicely!


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