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Friday, March 25, 2005

Living on a Ranch Goal revisited

So, its Friday night and I am sitting in my apartment. No, not a normal event but one that does happen from time to time (can not go out every weekend - the bank account would not like that one too much). I've been thinking (scary concept, I know) about what I really want out of life. On one of my web sites I believe that I commented that I wanted to live on a ranch someday. Okay, nice concept Kimberly, but several things that might be against that goal.
  1. First off - I'm an accountant - not exactly a viable job to have when you live in the middle of several thousand acres of land. Unless I do the books for the ranch, but again, not exactly a full time job there.
  2. So, I could always help out around the ranch...ummm - what do I know about ranch life? I have absolutely no realistic idea of what it involves. Sure, I've read a lot - but what do I know about cattle and crops, horses and machinery, misc farm animals and weather reports - not a heck of a lot, thats for sure!
  3. Ranches are an expensive venture - definitely not exactly cash rich right now.
  4. I do not even know anyone that owns a ranch, so marrying into one probably will not work - and what honest, down to earth rancher would want to marry a globe-trotting city girl? If you know any, send him my way :-)
  5. I've never even been to a rodeo!! That is another black mark against me - I just keep thinking of them don't I?

I could probably fill a book with all that I don't know about ranching, and have enough left over for at least one sequel! So, I've now decided that I will cross this goal off my list, and replace it with a future vacation to Montana or Wyoming on one of those working Dude Ranches (City Slickers - Women in the West episode). Good enough exchange - I'll be able to say that I lived on a ranch for a week :-) One goal eliminated, another added!


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