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Sunday, April 03, 2005

The weekend fun....

Hello! I have returned from my Saturday outing. After getting home last night rather late (or should I say early this morning??) I passed out on my couch. Woke up to a text message from Zori asking me to go to Bruges with her and Adam...okay, why not? So off we went, toodling down the highway.

Of course we missed the turn off and ended up going to Zeebruges, walked around the port town a little bit, and then headed back to Bruges. Made it there, walked around, had tea and waffles (this is Belgium after all) at a café and then decided that dinner in Gent sounded like a plan! So back on the highway we go, and found a nice restaurant off the Grand Place in Gent! The up side to the travel today was that I was sitting in the back seat merrily crocheting along - finished two more wedges in my quilt - 3 more to go in total - yay!

Made plans for tomorrow to go to the forest for a picnic if the weather is nice...I should probably check it..........awwww partly cloudy with a high of 60 - not sure on the picnic idea - will wait now and see what the others think!


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