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Sunday, April 03, 2005

God Bless the Pope

For my whole entire life there has been one pope. One man as the figurehead of one of the largest religions in the word. He has now passed into immortality, joining all the others who have gone before him, and all of those who will come after him. May God Bless him (I'm sure he has already been blessed, but one never knows) and grant him eternal peace.

I did the nice above - all of the right things as the devout Catholic that I am. Now for things to say as the young person that I am. The Catholic church now has the task of choosing the next Pope. I read Angels and Demons, I know the process that the Cardinals will follow. But I wonder - is it right that a group of geriatric gentleman should decide the fate of the future Catholic Church? Is it right that we grant someone the power to be the head of one of the largest religious bodies for life? J.P. was Pope for all 26 years of my man, often sick and ill leading the faith of the masses. It is time in my opinion for reform in the Church. It is time that we evolve with the times, changing in order to allow us to survive.

Todays youth (myself included) are moving away faster and faster from the church. Mass attendance is going down, parishoners are being driven away at speeds faster than light by judgemental priests and rules that are not in synch with the needs of the people. The Catholic Church preaches against birth control - the pill and condoms, against per-marital relations. Could not the Church easily start helping to prevent the spread of AIDS and disease in the third world countries? Help prevent starvation and malnutrition in children by controlling their population? Lower the number of divorces and separations by allowing couples to know each other before marriage?

There is so much that I could change about the Church. In the Land of Kimberly the Catholic Church would have new policies. Condoms and the Pill are in......the Rythym method and family planning are out.....way out. Relations before marriage are no longer forbidden, but with the usage of the first (extremely essential) couples are encouraged to ensure that both parties of the couple can get along and co-habitate in the same area. Living together is not to be seen as a sin, if the end goal is to get married.

This is enough talk about the Church. Will comment again once the next Pope has been elected.


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