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Friday, April 08, 2005

Thoughts from today

I was able to watch some of the Pope's funeral today on television. It was very moving, and sentimental - also a lot of symbolism. Saw the part where the Eastern Orthodox said their prayers over the Pope....that is one thing that I can say for Pope John Paul - he did do a lot to bring some peace between the religions. I can only hope that the next Pope, while being more liberal and able to adjust to what has changed in the world, is able to continue with the momentum that Pope John Paul 2 was able to start.

That said, I have been working some on my new blog which is set up for my newest hobby - Crocheting! Since this blog has the theme "The Land of Kimberly" I thought that my sub-blog should have more of the same, so I have named it "City of Crochet" with the thought that I could add more "Cities" as I progress and things change in my life! So follow the link on the sid ebar and check it out! This being created, aside from momentous events (i.e. finishing my first afghan) I will not discuss crochet further on this blog - I am sure that you are greatly relieved to hear that one!

Okay, I have laundry to finish, hair to wash, and dancing to do!


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