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Tuesday, July 12, 2005

The mini update

Oh my goodness! I am getting as bad at keeping this blog up to date as I am at sending e-mails.....I promise to try to update this more than my once a quarter mass e-mail out to everyone!

I had an awesome time back in the US. My trip there went very well. It involved everything from multiple drives to and from Chicago, camping in my sisters backyard with my nephew - as he said "Aunt Kim...we can sleep in the tent, and watch movies, and Mom will bring us popcorn...." My kind of camping....blow up air mattress, electricity pulled in from the house to run a DVD player, room service...only downside was the 6 am wakeup call from a little rug rat...whom I absolutely adore! I went camping and canoeing with my cousins and their friends on the Pere Marquette River - had a wonderful time, and managed not to get lost while driving there from Chicago - woo hoo! My Dads face was a site to behold when he saw me come walking back into the house....he believed that I was already back in Belgium...I am a sneaky daughter no?

Plans for Turkey fell through - we reserved our spots and then the agency comes back and tells us that the price had doubled!! Not a chance in you know what freezing over were we going to pay double for the we passed and will look into going to Madrid in August to visit friends.

My bedroom ceiling is leaking....not a lot of fun! I've been sleeping with a bucket on my bed everytime that it rains! Not the most exciting of bed partners! Too bad its not someone tall and handsome instead of something short, squatty and blue!

I think that about covers the most pressing items. I am cat sitting for two weeks - Mils will be coming to my place this time around! I am excited to have some company at my place - I miss having Paisley Cat around...wonder how shes doing! Rob - you had best be a good Daddy to Paisley....or else I will cat-nap her once I move back to the States! :-)

Ta-ta for now my friends!


  • At 9:02 PM, Blogger Rebecca said…

    hmmm, sleeping with a bucket... how do you not spill it?

    glad you had a good time back in this wonderful country :)

  • At 1:29 PM, Anonymous DAD said…

    How about and update saying YOUR PARENTS ARE COMING, YOUR PARENTS ARE COMING. Smile Princess. 6 weeks.


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