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Friday, May 27, 2005

I'm a legal alien!!

So if you read both of my blogs, apologies for a double posting....smightly different since I am too lazy to copy and paste from the other blog....ummm, okay.

I realized this week that I had not renewed my residency card which allows me to live in brussels (no work visa - we are in the process of working on it since a law changed which now requires me to have one). I went to the commune this morning full of dread and fear of what was going to happen...would they update it, yell at me, make me go sit in the city center commune in 3 hour + lines or even...gasp....deport me????? The thoughts that went through my head on the way there were not very pretty happy thoughts! Thats what happens though when I wake up before 8 am!! Make a long story short, I went, wrong line, changed lines, waited in line, guy called 3 other people over to stare at his computer and my residence card & file, guy called his whole office to the window to see me when I complaigned that he was speaking english and not french to me (they thought that I was an oddity since no other American in Blegium has ever said that one!!) finally got the stamp; paid my money and said au revoir! In a nut shell, under 200 words! :-)

Ian's last day is tomorrow....very sad!! I think that I shall one to call me anymore and say "hey babe - hows it going" *sniff sniff* I'll try my best not to break down tomorrow in my meeting the the VP of Supply Chain, head of the Nike project; ny Nike supervisor and whoever else is there....probably would not be a good thing!!

Time to go to bed - going to Germany sat rather early in the morning so I need to get all of my beauty sleep tonight - the girls are coming over tomorrow night for mexican and drinks!


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