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Sunday, April 17, 2005

Blogging...A full time job

Wow - I have been scrambling to find time to update both blogs, and sadly this one has been the blog to let slide....will do better in the future...promise! Life has been basically the same old routine. Did move to a new office...For a week or two and then they will move me to another office that they are in the process of constructing the walls for....don't ask!

New FDP arrived today! Being the nice person that I am (yes, I can be nice from time to time) I took her down to the grocery store, showed her the building (i.e. where the washing machine is and how to use it) and then took her to dinner at Mammas! Yussein is getting a cold :-( but he was happy to see me! :-) Look out Zori....I'm moving in for the steal of affection...well, he did ask if you were still in Argentina, so he did think of you to! He seems to think that we are joined at the hip when it comes to eating there!

The bells at the church next to me started ringing like crazy today, and I thought that perhaps we had a new Pope, not so of these days! (p.s. see Pope post for my thoughts - I've been on a soap box once, thats enough)

Okay, time for bed! Chow, ciao, chao!


  • At 8:46 PM, Blogger justcinful said…

    That's the reason that I just combined all my blogging into one site. I figure that all my hobbies, etc. make up me, so I have just the one blog that encompasses everything.


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