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Thursday, May 12, 2005

Never again on a Wednesday

I mean it this time! I will never ever ever drink again on a wednesday! I swear it! Today has been utterly brutal beyond belief! Last night was Ian's (my now former Boss) leaving party. We went out to a really nice french restaurant here in Brussels, where we had a great meal, great food and great company!

It will be really sad without Ian around - he has become a great part of the office social group, and will be sorely missed when he is no longer coming over from the UK! I will miss the weekly questions on Monday from my office mates "Is Ian coming here this week" and then seeing Ian walking down the hall, dumping his bag in my office and saying "Right. Lets go Eat" His humor and tap dancing will be missed, his British sense of sarcasm, his overall "joie de vivre" and his ability to put up with my moodiness and sheer grumpiness that I have been going through the past 6 months here!

So, back to the dinner - we figured it out this morning that we all had a champagne apertif to start, then a bottle of wine (white for me this time) each! Then we got the great idea at 12:30 to go down to the center, where we had champagne at Mappa Mundos, a Guiness at Nua's and then I had several Amaretto and Cokes while dancing at Celtica!! Finally stumbled out the door at a little past 4 this morning! Not a good thing for those of us whe had to work, but it was such a smashing good time that I can not really complaign aside from the moaning about the lack of sleep and my inability to concentrate at work today!

To summarize, even though it was for a great cause, I swear that I will never again go out on a session on a Wednesday! Unless of course its for another leaving do....special social tipple...... LOL


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