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Wednesday, August 17, 2005

Back from the Land of the Little People!

Well, I am back to work from my long weekend away! Both myself and Zori had an awesome time in Ireland. We always seem to get into too much trouble while we are away together! I am not sure even where to being on describing our trip!

We arrived on Saturday and checked into out hotel, which had only been open for 2 days!! We were the first to stay in the room we were assigned! So I took Zori to the Italian restaurant that me and Richie always ate at (for those who are new in my life, Richie is the guy I dated while in Dublin) and while it was still good, it does not compare in the least to my favorite Italian place in Brussels - La Piccola Mammas! I then took Zori to the one bar in Temple Bar that I like - The Quays Bar. We bumped into a group of Spanish and Italian guys who were over studying English. My friend Elena showed up an we decided to go to the club where her friends were at, so off we went along with the guys following behind us!

We danced the night away at the club and at closing time realized that the queue for the taxi was insane! One of the guys (Bruno from Italy - nice guy but too old for me,as was pointed out to me by another guy I met that night!) suggested waiting for a cab and waiting in his hotel lobby since my sweater had been stolen at the club. While in the lobby I talked a bit with the guy working in the lobby - Andrew. Very nice guy with a nice smile...hmmm.... Finally the cab showed up and away we went...With Zori getting the number for Oscar...the Spanish guy she was talking to!

Sunday involved a trip to the center for lunch at O'Neills carvery and then a stop for live music at the International. Zori asked Oscar to join us, which he did. While talking, an Irishman joined us and started talking to us. Turns out he spoke Spanish so away he went talking to Zori and Oscar. Not a problem....I understand only a little Spanish and I was busy texting away to my friend Russ in London. So, the guy, Liam insists on talking to me in Spanish.....lets think for a minute here! Its been said that I did not speak Spanish. I constantly repeated that I did not understand him. You think he would have stopped it and talked to me in English...but noooooo! He invited us to join him for dinner at a Spanish restaurant which was so-so food. On the way to the taxi rank, I stopped in to the hotel again and said hello to Andrew. He let me know that he was working again the next night after 11 and to stop by again to chat.

Next day - switched hotels to be closer to my work for Tuesday, and proceeded to do some major damage to the credit card that I just paid the balance off on! Both myself and Zori went a bit...ummm...wild with the shopping - oops! We then continued into the center where we met up with Oscar and one his class mates at the Brazen Head Pub. Had a gorgeous plate of Beef and Guinness Stew. I left Zo and Oscar at the pub and went back to the hotel (I felt like a stalker at this point - three visits in that many days, but since I was leaving the next day, it had to be done!!) Had a nice visit, Zori picked me up, back to the hotel we went. And Zori flew out that morning and I flew out after a day in the office. I was wrecked! I got home, changed and stumbled into bed at 9:45 until just after 9 - a weekend of sleep deprivation is not good! But I had such a great weekend with Zori and we both met some really great people so it was well worth it!

A few pics coming up...first from the plane, second the hotel on the last night - the SAS Radisson St. Helens and third me and Zori on the Liffey with the Ha'penny Bridge behind us:

From the Air Radisson SAS Mt. Helens Me & Zori on the Liffey Guinness anyone?


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