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Saturday, August 13, 2005

To the land of the little people!

Well, here I go again! Another airport, and plane and yet its back to a place I know too well! I am leaving folks to go to Dublin! Okay, its not one of the unvisited cities from my places to go list but it is a place that means so much to me!

For years while growing up I wanted to visit Ireland and even had a dream about going to study there in University. That did not work out for me, so I graduated college and took a job thinking that perhaps I would be able at some point in time to go to Ireland for vacation. Well, a year after starting work, I was on a plane to live in Ireland for 10 months for work!!!

I had an amazing experience in Ireland that I do not regret in the least! I was able to meet my pen-pal from high school Adele up in Northern Ireland and all of her friends and family. I learned to love to drink Guinness! Yummmm! I made numerous friends. I had some great people come visit and tour around Ireland with me....I have kissed the Blarney Stone three times now! LOL I dated a really great guy while I was there - things did not work out between us after I moved back to America, but he is a great guy and some gal will be really lucky one day and find him!

So this weekend I am taking what seems to be my last trip back to Ireland before I move to back to America at the end of the year! I am going with my partner in crime, Zori, and it should be a ton of fun! 3 days of shopping, drinking, laughing, exploring...who knows maybe even some tears!

See you when I get back!!


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