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Sunday, August 21, 2005

Latino Festival

The sound of bongo drums and bells going off...all day long...what could it be??? Why simply a Latino Festival taking place right outside my window! They do seem to be a bit enamored of Gwen Stefani's Hollerback Girl as that has played about 15 times yesterday and today!

We went to the festival yesterday - we being Margaret, Zori, Elena, Oscar and myself! It was raining so the decision was made to go eat dinner at an actual restaurant so Oscar, Margaret and I went to Lucas - an italian restaurant on Avenue Lousie. Had a great time talking and eating - I once again was unable to finish my meal....not sure what is going on lately but its impossible for me to ever clean my plate! We went back to the festival and listened to the music, ate some empanadas, talked with other friends we saw there - Laura and Gil and then made it home about 1 this was nice to only have to walk one block for a change to get home! I had an interesting evening for text messages - not sure what is going through the minds of some of my friends....although the likelihood was that they were all drunk texting me which would explain some of the comments!

Funny thing happened just now! Normally when my friend Zori calls me her phone number comes up as "Private Caller" hers is about the only phone that does! So normally when she calls I answer the phone in my little bit of Spanish - "Hola! Que tal?" So I was sitting on my bed typing out this post when my cell phone rings. I look, it say private caller so I grab the phone, and say "Hola! Que tal?" only to here dead silence and then a guy going "Umm....hello?" It was a friend of mine, Ben from Croatia that I had not talked to in months! He was very confused and of course I could not help laughing as I tried to explain that I thought that he was Zori calling (he knows Zori - I met Ben last year about this time while out with Zori - we spent the night dancing with him and his friend Brian). I thought that it was amusing - just goes to show that caller id is not always fool-proof and that its a great idea to know who is calling before you start into a conversation on the phone!


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