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Tuesday, August 30, 2005

Postcards and more

Well, life has been unexpectedly chaotic here in Belgium. One nice upside is the great postcards I've been getting from folks via PostCrossing! Its such a great feeling to look in your mail box and have a card waiting in there! You jump up and down and go "woo hoo - I got real mail!!"

Was supposedto go to Zurich on Thursday, but its been postponed now for a few weeks thankfully! It gives me more time to prepare and check all of my reports and data. I really dislike being the only finance type person on the team and the only person who knows how to do data extractions from the systems! I will be happy to be done with this current role! I like the cnocept of the position, but the reality stinks and the expectations are set too high even for me! And thats saying something!

I will be searching for a new job the next few months and will wait and see what comes up!

Okay, its time for me to get some things done and then get my bootie out the door for home at a decent time for the first day in weeks!



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