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Thursday, September 15, 2005

I Wish......

Ever hear a song and think "Thats my life exactly" or feel that a song fits a certain time in your life? I have been listening to country music via Radio Free Virgin's on-line radio. I recently heard a song by Jo Dee Messina that I had not heard in a long time and realized that I could have used this song at a point in my distant past....

Here are the Lyrics to "I Wish" by Jo Dee Messina:

It's not easy saying this to you
It's the hardest thing I've ever had to do
But boy before you go
I want you to know

I wish you strength
When times are hard
Oh I wish with all my heart you find just what
You're looking for
I wish you joy
I wish you peace
And that every star you see's within your reach
And I wish you still loved me

I wish things were different you know that
But I'm still happy for the times we had
You mean the world to me
Oh Baby please believe

Repeat Chorus

Losing you is tearing me apart
But a part of me will be with you
No matter where you are

Repeat Chorus

Time changes, people come and go in your life. Someone who once meant the world to you is now a distant memory. Someone who once meant nothing is now your everything. Is it not funny how life throws you curve balls and what you once assumed would happen, is now the worst thing that could happen? I once said that I had met the person that I wanted to, I could not see myself passing a conversation with that person, let alone marrying him! I've known some great people, known some really horrible people. I think that everyone who has come into my life has changed it in some way, big or small!

My thanks to everyone for being in my life! I love y'all!


  • At 3:36 AM, Blogger knittingnurse said…

    Great post. I always feel that way with the songs that come on the radio or lines from movies/tv shows. It is like the whole world is talking to you.

    I would like to ask your advice about the yarn addicts web ring, etc. . . I can't find your email though. Would you mind emailing me so that I can ask? Thanks!

  • At 3:01 PM, Anonymous DAD said…

    I stand corrected guess I could be less than right in my opinion that except for you everyone who who knits or crochets is over 70. with false teeth and no social life. Oh well we learn by living. first mistake of the day.


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