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Tuesday, October 25, 2005


I have been slightly upset about a comment, and perhaps it was not meant to upset me, but it kinda has. I received an anonymous comment on my Freddies it is:

You've had your hello to your Freddies Family up for how long now? 3 or 4 months? still on one replies back. must be a bunch of backward hicks. Probably have never seen or heard of a computer OR insufferable snobs who think they are too good for you kiddo and reality is, its you who should give them the old Freddies who??

Since you choose to remain anonymous, I can only reply back to your comment via a post......

Considering I hear from many of them via e-mail on a regular basis, I am not that upset about a lack of commentation to my hello post. Since I do hear from them, they obviously have a computer so they are not "backward hicks". Nor are they insufferable snobs since, once again, they often send e-mails and ask when I am moving back.

Time and Distance can often dim a friendship, but that does not make that friendship worth anything less. A friend is to be cherished, and not given the old heave ho when life makes that friendship difficult.

I will keep my Freddies friends, and keep them in my thoughts. I am not a fair weather friend who forgets her past friends when she moves on in life to new places, locations, experiences and friends.


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