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Wednesday, November 02, 2005

Its November already???

What? Back up! November?? Already!!

Where has the year gone? Next thing it will be thanksgiving and then Christmas and before you know it 2007 will be here! Eeekkk!! I can still remember singing the song 1999 and thinking how looooooong it was until then, and that is now long past! What a crazy pace my life is setting these days!

Still don't know when I will be moving back to the of these days hopefully! I am committed to stay until the financial reporting is set up for the project that I am working on...if my computer was working I would be able to get cracking on that, but since it is suffering from a little nasty corruption of its main processing file, I am unable to do so! Hopefully it will be back and working again by tomorow so I can get back to work!

Postcrossing continutes to be great! I have received several additional cards lately - Portugal, Germany and Finland! I've sent cards to Germany, Portugal and the US recently! What great fun this is!

Have a wonderful day!


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