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Monday, January 09, 2006

Happy New year 2006!!

Happy New Year to all of my friends and family! It was wonderful spending some time with some of you over the holidays back in Muskegon - I only wish that I could have spent more time with more people, especially the gang back in Chicago-land! I never did make it to that side of the lake!

I am off to Zurich on Friday for a meeting on the status of my project that I am working on. Who knows, by Monday I could have some more news on how long I am going to be over here for! I also have my year-end review coming up which should also give me some sort of time-line. After the meeting I am going to stay in Zurich and help my friend Kim apartment hunt over the weekend! It should be fun and interesting to see what apartments there look like...who knows, maybe I'll end up in Zurich for a little bit! *grin*

My mailbox was a bursting with postcards when I came back to Brussels. I had postcrossing cards from Finland, Germany, Switzerland and Texas back in the US! Many thanks to all for the wonderful postcards! I am moving offices this month, but once I am settled into the new office, I will take a picture of my wall of postcards to show all of the great cards that I have been receiving the past months!

Have a great day - its back to work I go!


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