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Sunday, December 11, 2005

Sunday updates

Ahhh, its last one to be spent here in Belgium in 2005.....sad, a little bit, happy of course! Happy because I will be seeing my family in just over 5 days, plus a few hours! Yippee!!!

I received another postcrossing card - this one from Taiwan. Also one from Australia came a few days back. One of the really cool aspects of is the ability to write a note to the person that you received the postcard from when you register that you have received the card! Today I received notice that a card I sent to the US had been received.....the recipient (name withheld for privacy) informed me that 6 more inches of snow had fallen in Chicago-land....hmmm - that means more snow in Michigan as well! Woohoo!! Let it SNOW, Let it SNOW, Let it SNOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I am excited as a kid in the candy store about seeing all of that white cold stuff! I am slightly relived to be flying in and out of Atlanta and not less midwestern airport to not get delayed at this holiday season.....granted, that does mean that I need to be able to get in and out of Grand Rapids, but hey! What are the odds of my being snowed out / in again? *grin* (hopefully I just cursed myself and will be unable to fly out on the 4th...oh darn, must extend my holiday by a few days!)

Suzy and Zori are coming over this afternoon to bake cookies - it should be a fun time! I invited Kim as well but the poor thing is suffering major jet lag! Here is her schedule over the past 3 weeks: Brussels - Cork Ireland - Boston - Shannon Ireland - Chicago - Brussels and she leaves tomorrow for Munich for 2 days, then back to the US (I think I am missing a city or two in there!) How she does it I do not know!

Okay, I must go get my kitchen and dining room whipped into shape and all ready for some serious cookie making excitement! Have a great day!


  • At 1:12 PM, Anonymous DAD said…

    Since you like to sing "let it snow", Let IT SNOW". you my dear Daughter can fully enjoy it when you get home by shoveling the driveway everyday your home and some days TWICE. Oh by the way as a bonus you can do the back deck AND the roof and deck AGAIN. Yes let it snow while your home. as they say ENJOY.


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