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Tuesday, January 24, 2006

I work with some characters!

One reason that I've loved working in Europe is my colleagues here. They are awesome in their own ways! I have the English colleagues with their British humor (which I find highly amusing). There are the Germans and Austrians with their oh so strict and polite manners.....except when you (or someone else) do something wrong and then you are 'Stoopid, Stoopid, StOOOOOpid!' There are the Italians with their 'But we are Eeeeytaly. Wes do nots do it likka dat here in Eeeeytaly' The Spainish with their 'We will get back to you right away' which basically means never. Everyone is so different, but all for the most part are wonderful people!

Today giggle came one of my British colleagues. I was asking him for a file that he had prepared via our internal messaging system (similar to MSN, AIM or Yahoo but only for my company)

Kimberly Hello there! When you get a chance can you run and send over the new customer data for xxxxxxx? Please?
Ian already sent it to Mme Smith
Kimberly Any chance you could be super wonderful and forward it on to me?
Ian no probs
Kimberly Merci beaucoup!!
Ian murcky buttercups to you aussi

'Murcky buttercups' LOL


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