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Friday, July 21, 2006

Its class reunion time....

Merde! I can not believe that it is 10 years already...yeah yeah I know i posted a while back that it had been 10 years, but getting the invite to the reunion takes a bit to handle!

What are the bloody odds? I was supposed to fly back to the US at the end of July for the annual Canoe trip, my birthday and my family reunion. Well, flights were un-godly expensive (okay, the one I bought is also, but these ones were 3-500 more greenbacks) so I decided to postpone the trip until mid- August. I booked the flight about a month ago now, and last week the reunion invite appears and low and behold, it is 1 of the 2 weekends that I am home and in Muskegon! Bonus! *grin* It is also on the same night as my Dad's 40th year class reunion......I wonder who is going to have the most fun?

I had resigned my self to the fact that I was going to miss the reunion, but now that I get to go I am getting excited. I can not wait to see what 10 years has done to everyone.


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