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Monday, February 28, 2005

Found out my job title

I got an e-mail this morning from my new group announcing that I will be joining as "Finance Coordinator European Program Office" - pretty nifty eh? Now my main question is - How in the world am I going to fit it on a business card? Okay, its really nice to have a long, important sounding title - looks good on the CV right? But a business card is only so big! I had my last cards made up with my being in "European Finance" as a "Senior Financial Analyst" - I thought that would be generic enough to last me at least 2 a year later its time to buy new cards....does my fancy new title also come with a raise in salary I ask? Probably not, but one could always hope that it did! Keep the fingers crossed - I really want to go to Egypt and a raise would finance that one nicely!

Sunday, February 27, 2005

A bad omen...

Do you ever get that feeling that its just not going to be your week? Here it is, Sunday night, I am surfing the net, cleaning the apartment and doing some laundry. Put in my first two loads, check. Took them out and put in the next loads, again check. Just went back downstairs to put in the two loads of my work clothes and I see flashing lights on a machine....not a good sign. Look closer, its still filled with water. Managed to take everything out, getting myself and the floor nice and wet. Load it all into the second washer. Go to grab my first load out of the dryer, and notice another flashing light - resevoir filled - okay, I take it out, empty and and while walking back to the dryer manage to slip in the puddle of water I got on the floor earlier...not exactly a bright promise for the upcoming week! I'll think positive.....Friday starts two weeks of vacation....I can make it until then......maybe

Why a blog???

Well, I've been playing around in my own mind the idea of having some sort of a blog (for my parents - a blog is basically a place where I can write what it on my mind on a fairly regular basis). Being a Sunday night in rainy Brussels, sheer boredom had me surfing the web as I do so often it seems and avoiding packing for my trip to the US and finishing up laundry and cleaning. So here is first blog :-) Those of you who know me well and have received some of my famous "Kimberly Update" e-mails you know that I can ramble on and on for hours on end - yippee :-)

I am still feeling uncertain about my decision to stay in Europe - its a scary thought! Okay, so its only for 6 more months, but what if I really like the new job (which it sounds so far like I will) - will I be able to leave after 6 months?? Or will I once again fall into the routine of signing up for just another 6 months and then another and then...... Time will tell in the end I guess what will happen. Whatever it is, it should be the best for me and the best for my career. The career is important, but my family / home / social life should be just as important! Why be happy with the job but miserable outside of it?

Okay, this is all for now - I will close and post my first blog on my site....Stay tuned for more to come!