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Tuesday, September 27, 2005

Visitors from America!

It has been great fun having my parents here! I have shown them some around Brussels and then around Paris. We leave tomorrow morning for Rome....should be a good time! I can not wait to see everything that we can see! Rome has been on my list of places for 5 years now!! It was one the places that I wanted to go see while I lived in Ireland but never got the chance....I do now!

I am once again on a mad travelling schedule - it was to Paris on Sunday, now to Rome tomorrow (Wed) until Sat night. I am in Brussels for a few days and then it is off to Castlebar Ireland with Zori next Thursday until the Monday morning! We are renting a car which should be interesting! A stick shifter on the wrong side of the road..Ahhhh the memories! Hopefully my abilities of manual driving have improved over the past 5 years and there will not be any repeats of getting stuck on a hill in the middle of some little tiny town in the countryside of Ireland! Vroom vroom here I come! :)

Have a great week!

Thursday, September 15, 2005

I Wish......

Ever hear a song and think "Thats my life exactly" or feel that a song fits a certain time in your life? I have been listening to country music via Radio Free Virgin's on-line radio. I recently heard a song by Jo Dee Messina that I had not heard in a long time and realized that I could have used this song at a point in my distant past....

Here are the Lyrics to "I Wish" by Jo Dee Messina:

It's not easy saying this to you
It's the hardest thing I've ever had to do
But boy before you go
I want you to know

I wish you strength
When times are hard
Oh I wish with all my heart you find just what
You're looking for
I wish you joy
I wish you peace
And that every star you see's within your reach
And I wish you still loved me

I wish things were different you know that
But I'm still happy for the times we had
You mean the world to me
Oh Baby please believe

Repeat Chorus

Losing you is tearing me apart
But a part of me will be with you
No matter where you are

Repeat Chorus

Time changes, people come and go in your life. Someone who once meant the world to you is now a distant memory. Someone who once meant nothing is now your everything. Is it not funny how life throws you curve balls and what you once assumed would happen, is now the worst thing that could happen? I once said that I had met the person that I wanted to, I could not see myself passing a conversation with that person, let alone marrying him! I've known some great people, known some really horrible people. I think that everyone who has come into my life has changed it in some way, big or small!

My thanks to everyone for being in my life! I love y'all!

Hello to my Freddies Family!

*waving hello* from across the sea to my friends and family back there at Famous Freddies in Mt. Prospect! Hi guys! I really miss you all!

waiting in my in-box this morning was a link from the wonderful and lovely Jan to this blogger site: which shows the fun that they are having without me back in Illinois. I can not believe that I am missing another football third one! To think that I was really worried about being away from home for a year, and it ends up being 3!!!!

I really hope to be back for next years season.....not really sure what would tempt me to stay here though....perhaps a promotion to manager, the nice raise that goes along with it, and of course the BMW that I would get to drive...yeah, that might make me stick around here for a little bit longer....did I also mention that said BMW comes with a gasoline card? Translate that into, not having to pay the 6 bucks a gallon for gas - that's the price here - to think you are complaining in the US about 3....wimps!

Talk to you all soon! Miss you tons!

Postcrossing Photos v2

More postcards have arrived this week from Postcrossing! Including one from my friend Swapna in India...rather ironic that out of all of the members of postcrossing 3,500+ she would get my name! The odds against that happening have to be fairly high I would say!

The first is from Swapna in India, and the second is from Linca in Norway with a picture of Trollveggen! Many thanks to both of you for the wonderful postcards....this is such great fun!