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Saturday, April 23, 2005

My Inner European Is.....

Hey! Its been a good week....not! Very busy at work - still getting stuck with the old job and then trying to do the new job on top - its like juggling with 27 different balls knowing that I am going to drop several of them....lets just hope the dropped ones relate to the old job - transitioning for 10 weeks is sooooo wrong I don't even know where to start complaigning about it!

Took a quiz tonight - it is so very much me that it is scary, espcially considering where in Europe I have lived besides Brussels! :-)

Your Inner European is Irish!

Sprited and boisterous!

You drink everyone under the table.

Monday, April 18, 2005

Places to visit before I die…

Places to visit before I die…Okay, a bit morbid to think about death, but its going to happen – it is one of the two things you can not avoid in life!) Yes, my list is a bit biased towards, europe, but since I am living here currently that is to be expected! The list will continue to be modified and adapted......

     Bergenz June 2008 with Mom
     Brussels – lived here April 03 - current
     Bruges – July 2003 & April 2005
     Gent – stopped for dinner April 2005
     Dinant – May 2005 with Zori
     Antwerp – stopped for dinner April 2003
     Mons – visited Oct 2005 with Russ
     Beijing - visited May 2007 with Zori
     Shanghai - visited May 2007 with Zori
     Su Zhou – visited May 2007 with Zori
     Sanya – visited May 2007 with Zori
Czech Republic - Prague – Dec. 3-5 2004
     Cologne - visited Oct 2005 with Russ
     Munich - visited Sept 2003 & Sept 2004 for Oktoberfest
     Hamburg – visited May 2005 with Anna from Crochetville
     Fussen June 2008 with Mom
     Paris - visited April 2002, May 2004 & March 2005
     Alençon France
     Normandy Region
     French Alps – visited Jan 2005 on a ski trip with Erin, Jessica & Adam
     Nice – visited March 2009
     Athens – May 2004 with Debbie on cruise
     Islands (Rhodos, Santorini, Mykonos, Crete) May 2004
     Venice – July 2004 for a weekend break
     Milan - Work Sept 2005
Rome - Sept 2005 with my parents
Ireland – lived in Dublin & toured majority of the cities in 2001-2002
Luxembourg - Luxembourg City
     Monte Carlo – visited March 2009
     Amsterdam – visited August 2003 & November 2004
     The Hague
     Madrid – Nov. 2003 – Daniel Maidana’s wedding
     Seville – Feb 2004 for Sales meeting
     Valencia – May 2005 for Work Meeting
     Barcelona - Oct 2008 with work friends
     Canary Islands – Grand Canaria, Mallorca & Tenerife
     Zurich – Sept 2003 for 2 weeks with work
     Lucern June 2008 with Mom
     Lisbon - Oct 2006 MD Marketing Meeting
     Kusadasi - May 2004 while on cruise with Debbie
United Kingdom
     Belfast - June 2005 while visiting my PenPal Adele
     London – multiple visits in 2001, 2002, 2003, 2004 & 2005
     Manchester - with Russ Nov 2005
     Liverpool - with Russ for Everton vs Newcastle match
     Stonehedge - with Zori April 2006

Other Places to visit:
     Morocco Marrakesh With Zori Dec 2010
     Russia - Moscow & St. Petersberg
     Argentina – B.A. Visited Zori 12/2006, 12/2008
     Japan - Tokyo
     Canada - Montreal / Toronto / Quebec City /      Vancouver
     Australia – Sydeny / Perth / Melb.
     New Zealand
     Poland - Warsaw
     Hungary - Budapest
     Nordics - Capital Cities
          Sweden Stockholm Sept 2005 with Zori
     French Polynesian Islands
          Jamacia With Mike Feb 2011
          Puerto Rico
          Virgin Islands
          Trinidad & Tobago
United States (only Cities / States that I want to go to, does not include already visited cities as of the date this list was first created)
     McAllenVisited Grandpa Dec 2008
     Boston Visted Oct 2008 to see Kim
     New York City Visited Dec 06 & 08 during flight layovers
     New Orleans
     Salt Lake City
     Hawaii – Maui & the Big Island
     Iowa (I've been told its a US Midwest Hotspot...gotta check it out!)

Here is where I have been in the US (I sure am missing a lot of states!!)

Visited 23 states (45%)

Here is where I have been in the World! (I have a lot of travelling left to do!)

Visited 26 countries (11%)

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Why a Places to Visit entry

Everyone knows that I like to travel (its a good thing since I am living in Europe currently) I was surfing the blogs of friends from a site that will remain unnamed since I said that I would not talk about that subject on this blog :-) So anywho, on Jinglelady's blog I noticed she had a section devoted to places to visit. I like this idea since it gives people a chance to see where I've been and where I would like to go to...hey, since I am always looking for travel partners, it just might result in someone saying "hey! I want to go there too, lets see if Kimberly wants to go with me!"

So, on my next post I will make my list, and then add a permanent link to that post on my page and update as I travel more during the future!

Sunday, April 17, 2005

Blogging...A full time job

Wow - I have been scrambling to find time to update both blogs, and sadly this one has been the blog to let slide....will do better in the future...promise! Life has been basically the same old routine. Did move to a new office...For a week or two and then they will move me to another office that they are in the process of constructing the walls for....don't ask!

New FDP arrived today! Being the nice person that I am (yes, I can be nice from time to time) I took her down to the grocery store, showed her the building (i.e. where the washing machine is and how to use it) and then took her to dinner at Mammas! Yussein is getting a cold :-( but he was happy to see me! :-) Look out Zori....I'm moving in for the steal of affection...well, he did ask if you were still in Argentina, so he did think of you to! He seems to think that we are joined at the hip when it comes to eating there!

The bells at the church next to me started ringing like crazy today, and I thought that perhaps we had a new Pope, not so of these days! (p.s. see Pope post for my thoughts - I've been on a soap box once, thats enough)

Okay, time for bed! Chow, ciao, chao!

Tuesday, April 12, 2005

Greek God Quiz Result

So its 10:30 and I am actually feeling tired for the first time in 4 weeks at an hour earlier than 2 am....must be the 2 Duvel's I had after work with Laura and Margaret! Anyways, I decided to do some blog surfing from fellow members at I stumbled upon some really cool quizes - you basically answer the questions and they tell you what type of person, sheep, object, historical figure etc you are. One I found was about Greek Gods.....I took it and here is the answer...tee hee hee - watch out!


?? Which Of The Greek Gods Are You ??
brought to you by Quizilla

Sunday, April 10, 2005


Well today was eventful....nope, not at all! Day consisted of some shopping, a sub from subway and washing my curtains in the living room & dining room.....found out that they are not really gray, but a nice white color - who woulda thunk? tee hee - I realized the other day that I've lived here for over a year, and there were two people from work in there for 9 month periods before that. Considering that, I calculated that the curtains had not been washed in at least 3 years! Major ugh! I managed to pull them down using a rickety ladder I found in the basement....major safety concern using it! I still have the curtains in the bedroom to do - will see if i can get some before and after pictures!

Friday, April 08, 2005

Thoughts from today

I was able to watch some of the Pope's funeral today on television. It was very moving, and sentimental - also a lot of symbolism. Saw the part where the Eastern Orthodox said their prayers over the Pope....that is one thing that I can say for Pope John Paul - he did do a lot to bring some peace between the religions. I can only hope that the next Pope, while being more liberal and able to adjust to what has changed in the world, is able to continue with the momentum that Pope John Paul 2 was able to start.

That said, I have been working some on my new blog which is set up for my newest hobby - Crocheting! Since this blog has the theme "The Land of Kimberly" I thought that my sub-blog should have more of the same, so I have named it "City of Crochet" with the thought that I could add more "Cities" as I progress and things change in my life! So follow the link on the sid ebar and check it out! This being created, aside from momentous events (i.e. finishing my first afghan) I will not discuss crochet further on this blog - I am sure that you are greatly relieved to hear that one!

Okay, I have laundry to finish, hair to wash, and dancing to do!

Sunday, April 03, 2005

God Bless the Pope

For my whole entire life there has been one pope. One man as the figurehead of one of the largest religions in the word. He has now passed into immortality, joining all the others who have gone before him, and all of those who will come after him. May God Bless him (I'm sure he has already been blessed, but one never knows) and grant him eternal peace.

I did the nice above - all of the right things as the devout Catholic that I am. Now for things to say as the young person that I am. The Catholic church now has the task of choosing the next Pope. I read Angels and Demons, I know the process that the Cardinals will follow. But I wonder - is it right that a group of geriatric gentleman should decide the fate of the future Catholic Church? Is it right that we grant someone the power to be the head of one of the largest religious bodies for life? J.P. was Pope for all 26 years of my man, often sick and ill leading the faith of the masses. It is time in my opinion for reform in the Church. It is time that we evolve with the times, changing in order to allow us to survive.

Todays youth (myself included) are moving away faster and faster from the church. Mass attendance is going down, parishoners are being driven away at speeds faster than light by judgemental priests and rules that are not in synch with the needs of the people. The Catholic Church preaches against birth control - the pill and condoms, against per-marital relations. Could not the Church easily start helping to prevent the spread of AIDS and disease in the third world countries? Help prevent starvation and malnutrition in children by controlling their population? Lower the number of divorces and separations by allowing couples to know each other before marriage?

There is so much that I could change about the Church. In the Land of Kimberly the Catholic Church would have new policies. Condoms and the Pill are in......the Rythym method and family planning are out.....way out. Relations before marriage are no longer forbidden, but with the usage of the first (extremely essential) couples are encouraged to ensure that both parties of the couple can get along and co-habitate in the same area. Living together is not to be seen as a sin, if the end goal is to get married.

This is enough talk about the Church. Will comment again once the next Pope has been elected.

The weekend fun....

Hello! I have returned from my Saturday outing. After getting home last night rather late (or should I say early this morning??) I passed out on my couch. Woke up to a text message from Zori asking me to go to Bruges with her and Adam...okay, why not? So off we went, toodling down the highway.

Of course we missed the turn off and ended up going to Zeebruges, walked around the port town a little bit, and then headed back to Bruges. Made it there, walked around, had tea and waffles (this is Belgium after all) at a café and then decided that dinner in Gent sounded like a plan! So back on the highway we go, and found a nice restaurant off the Grand Place in Gent! The up side to the travel today was that I was sitting in the back seat merrily crocheting along - finished two more wedges in my quilt - 3 more to go in total - yay!

Made plans for tomorrow to go to the forest for a picnic if the weather is nice...I should probably check it..........awwww partly cloudy with a high of 60 - not sure on the picnic idea - will wait now and see what the others think!